The Solution To Noise Pollution

The Problem

My neighbors would play thumping music and kept me awake at night. I tried ear plugs, static machines, noise generators, sound proof headphones, nothing worked. I finally decided to DIM (Do It Myself). A friend of mine and I got together to develop a noise mask that instantly killed the boom noise. I had to keep turning off the sound to see if my neighbors had stopped the music, they hadn’t. After about 6 times of doing this, I was shocked to find out how well it worked.

Bass boom, noisy neighbors, barking dogs and traffic are some of the most annoying noises in the world! Bass is very difficult to mask because it penetrates building materials much easier than high frequencies. White noise generators, although commonly sold, do not work effectively on repetitive (boom, boom, boom) bass. You probably already know that earplugs don’t work either! While you can’t eliminate noise pollution, you can mask it! This is what BoomBuster was made for.

Through other people using the tracks, we have also found that it works on all kinds of noise… dogs, arguing, traffic… you name it! This is the solution for noise pollution!

Please scroll down to find out more to see if BoomBuster can help you – Mary @ BoomBuster.

PS: Email me with any questions! Take a look at our FAQ and Real people reviews.

The Solution

BoomBuster is specially filtered white noise audio that maximizes the sound in the lower frequency range where obnoxious bass noise lives. Most normal stereos put out less sound as the frequency decreases. BoomBuster is also filtered to increase the volume of sound to counter this affect. Our real-world usage confirms that BoomBuster will indeed mask bass and other noise pollution that other products cannot!

Only $9.95 and a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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I just bought your CD and I tell everyone it’s magic.  We live about 40 yards from the front door of a live band bar that is active almost every night until 2:30 am.  The new owners have raised the noise level way above what it used to be.  With the BoomBuster playing next to the bed, we sleep peacefully, even with the window open!  It’s kept us from having to move.  So far it has even blocked out the noise of the numerous motorcycles that park next door and exit with lots of noise early in the morning, though the acid test will be this summer when there are dozens of them there.

Hollis, Elyria, OH

All you need is a CD or MP3 player

There are three tracks, each with lower frequency than the last. Version 2.0 tracks are 23 minutes each, with fade-in and fade-out so they can be used in repeat mode without jarring start and stop of the noise mask.


  • Sleep Easier
  • Mask Loud Talking
  • Cover Up Loud TV and Music
  • Kill the Neighbor’s Stereo Thud
  • Drown Out Passing Boom Cars
  • Even Cover Up Your Neighbor’s Barking Dog!

I recently ordered the BoomBuster CD to help mask the bass music sound coming from my neighbor’s house. I live in a row house with neighbors on each side and virtually no sound insulation. I have found that the BoomBuster CD not only masks sounds from outside my home (loud cars), but also the barking of my other neighbor’s Labrador retriever. I would recommend buying this CD. It is very easy to listen to, blends quite easily into the background, and is far more effective than the $50 “white noise” machines I have been using.

Carole, New York, NY

Very Easy To Use

  • Play the Track
  • Adjust the Volume Until the Boom Sound Disappears
  • Push Repeat Track On Your Stereo Or MP3 Player
  • Go To Sleep!

BoomBuster Comes As a CD or MP3 Download

Whether you are old school and want to use a boombox or CD player,
or you prefer to have it with you at all times on your phone...
we've got you covered!

Just want to say thank you sooooo much for your awesome CD. I just recently moved and have neighbors who like to play their music all day everyday. It got to the point where my anxiety level would be so high I would get physically sick. I found your CD online and ordered it and I’m so grateful. I play it all the time, it has become a comfort for me. Thank you again for such an amazing product  :)

Jessica Davis, Anchorage, AK

Only $9.95 and a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does BoomBuster cost?

$9.95 (+shipping for CD)


Do you ship anywhere on the planet?

Yes, BoomBuster is shipped worldwide. Just make sure to choose “international order”.


What if BoomBuster doesn't work for me? What’s the return policy?

We stand firmly behind our 100% money back guarantee. If it doesn't work for you, we’ll quickly and happily refund your money. If it does work, great! Annoying noise problem solved!


What does BoomBuster sound like?

BoomBuster can be loosely compared to the steady sound heard while inside an aircraft and contains three slightly different tracks to choose from.


Is there a sample I can listen to before I place an order?

Currently we don’t have a sample of  BoomBuster that can be heard before purchase. (However, see return policy.)


How does BoomBuster work?

BoomBuster works by masking other sounds. Choose track 1, 2, or 3 and adjust the volume until you no longer hear the annoying noise. Each track is designed to mask a slightly different frequency of noise. BoomBuster will continue to be heard as it works similar to a white noise machine.

Does BoomBuster completely block out all noise?

No, BoomBuster doesn't block all sound. It actually resembles the sound heard when inside of an airplane, sort of a like having a fan on in the room.


Is BoomBuster sold in stores?

No, BoomBuster is only available online. The fastest way to receive it would be to download it from this site.


Is it necessary to wear earphones when playing BoomBuster?

No, BoomBuster does not require any special equipment. It works with or without headphones and can be played on any type of CD or MP3 player.


Is BoomBuster also effective in blocking TV noise and people being generally loud next door?

BoomBuster was initially created to specifically mask only bass noise and we’ve since discovered it also works for loud talking and dogs barking. So, yes, we think it would be helpful.


Does BoomBuster bother animals?

No, BoomBuster has been used successfully around many pets and they don’t even seem to notice.


If BoomBuster is playing, can I still listen to music/watch TV in my apartment without drowning out my audio/video sounds?

Yes, it should not hamper sound within the same room. However, it may reduce the bass a bit.


Does BoomBuster also block out vibration? My down stairs neighbor has speakers mounted on their walls up high near the ceiling. It makes my floors vibrate and sometimes shake.

Unfortunately, BoomBuster won’t solve your vibration problem. (that would be another GREAT PRODUCT though!)

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