Three tracks of specially filtered sounds designed to conceal even the most obnoxious noise.

Your Problem

Is unwanted noise disturbing your peace and quiet?

When you’re dealing with noisy neighbors, booming bass, barking dogs, and endless traffic, you’ll try anything to get some peace and quiet.

Earplugs only muffle sounds and white noise generators actually add to the auditory overload. And neither works effectively on deep, repetitive bass that penetrates building materials more easily than high frequencies.

Are you ready for the good news?

You can’t eliminate noise pollution, but you can mask it with BoomBuster!

Our Solution

In order to stop noise pollution, you have to address the frequency where irritating sounds live. BoomBuster’s special filters maximize sounds in the lower auditory range, where bass and other obnoxious noise resonate.

Most white noise makers can’t address this range because stereos are designed to put out less sound as frequency decreases. BoomBuster works with your existing speakers to increase the volume of sound in the lower register.

The result: BoomBuster masks noise pollution that other white noise cannot!

Here’s what our happy customers say about BoomBuster:

“I just bought your CD and I tell everyone it’s magic. We live about 40 yards from the front door of a live band bar that is active almost every night until 2:30 am. The new owners have raised the noise level way above what it used to be. With the BoomBuster playing next to the bed, we sleep peacefully, even with the window open! It’s kept us from having to move!

Elyria, OH

“I have to say that the product is so effective in drowning out my neighbor’s music, arguing etc. I only wish I had found this product 4 years ago when our noise issues started. The CD has certainly taken the edge off my stress! Fantastic product at a very reasonable cost, cannot recommend it enough. As soon as the noise starts, the CD goes on and problem solved!”

Essex, UK

“This is just what I needed!  It really WORKS!!  It’s non-intrusive, returns my sense of owning my own space, and literally has lowered my blood pressure all in one easy, economical, step.  I’m so happy.  Thank you!  Thank you!”

Denver, CO

Play from smartphone,
computer, or CD player


Kill the Neighbor’s Stereo Thud


Cover Up Loud Talking & TV Noises


Drown Out The Boom of Passing Cars


Help Baby Nap Uninterrupted


Mask the Sound of Barking Dogs


Enjoy More Peaceful Sleep

BoomBuster V3.0 – MP3 tracks

  • Three-track downloadable .zip file
  • Upload to iTunes or smartphone
  • Best with headphones or bluetooth speaker

BoomBuster V3.0 – Audio CD

  • Three-track hardcopy CD
  • Shipped straight to your door
  • Play in any CD player or stereo