Frequently Asked Questions

How much does BoomBuster cost?

$15.95 (+ shipping) for a CD or $11.95 for an instant download.

Do you ship anywhere on the planet?

Yes, BoomBuster is shipped worldwide. Just make sure to enter your shipping address correctly.

What if BoomBuster doesn't work for me? What’s the return policy?

We stand firmly behind our 100% money back guarantee. If it doesn’t work for you, we’ll quickly and happily refund your money. If it does work, great! Annoying noise problem solved!

What does BoomBuster sound like?

BoomBuster can be loosely compared to the steady sound heard while inside an aircraft. Each download or CD contains three tracks with slightly different frequencies so you can choose the right noise mask for your situation.

Is there a sample I can listen to before I place an order?

Yes! There is sample available on our homepage. Click here to test BoomBuster out.

How does BoomBuster work?

BoomBuster works by masking other sounds. Choose track 1, 2, or 3 and adjust the volume until you no longer hear the annoying noise. Each track is designed to mask a slightly different frequency of noise. BoomBuster will continue to be heard as it works similar to a white noise machine.

Does BoomBuster completely block out all noise?

No, BoomBuster doesn’t block all sound. It actually resembles the sound heard when inside of an airplane, sort of a like having a fan on in the room.

Is BoomBuster sold in stores?

No, BoomBuster is only available online. The fastest way to receive it would be to download it from this site.

Is it necessary to wear earphones when playing BoomBuster?

No… but a phone or CD drive on a computer generally don’t work as well. You need a system with a decent amount of bass to mask the noise. BoomBuster works best when you use a stereo or bluetooth speaker. Headphones, boomboxes are also great for the tracks.

Is BoomBuster also effective in blocking TV noise and people being generally loud next door?

BoomBuster was initially created to specifically mask bass noise, but we’ve since discovered it also works for loud talking and dogs barking. So yes, we think it would be helpful.

Does BoomBuster bother animals?

No, BoomBuster has been used successfully around many pets and they don’t even seem to notice.

If BoomBuster is playing, can I still listen to music or watch TV in my apartment without drowning out my audio?

Yes, it should not hamper sound within the same room. However, it may reduce the bass a bit.

Does BoomBuster also block out vibration? My down stairs neighbor has speakers mounted on their walls up high near the ceiling. It makes my floors vibrate and sometimes shake.

Unfortunately, BoomBuster won’t solve your vibration problem. (That would be another GREAT PRODUCT though!)

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BoomBuster V3.0 – MP3 tracks

  • Three-track downloadable .zip file
  • Upload to iTunes or smartphone
  • Works best with headphones or bluetooth speaker

BoomBuster V3.0 – Audio CD

  • Three-track hardcopy CD
  • Shipped straight to your door
  • Play in any CD player or stereo