Our Story

Years ago, I lived with noisy neighbors who played thumping music late into the night. I tried ear plugs, static machines, noise generators, sound-proof headphones, but nothing worked. I knew there had to be a better way.

BoomBuster was developed to be a mask that instantly killed the booming bass noise. When I tested it myself, I kept turning off BoomBuster to see if my neighbors had stopped their music. They hadn’t! BoomBuster was that effective!

I was shocked that BoomBuster worked so well on bumping bass and astonished when we discovered how well it works on other sound pollution as well. Traffic noise, loud talking, barking dogs…BoomBuster masks it all.

BoomBuster V3.0

  • Remastered for high-quality audio
  • Tracks loop seamlessly for interruption-free peace
  • Smaller file size for faster downloads

Our Philosophy

BoomBuster was developed to help you get peace and quiet, but we don’t stop there. Our products are covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee to give you peace of mind as well! If you’re not completely satisfied, let us know and we’ll make it right.

Meet Our Mascots


A mischievous malcontent, hell bent on disrupting peaceful people with boom bass.


Boom’s not-so-loyal sidekick who is more interested in taking a nap than waking up the neighbors.

Anytime Boom tries to unleash his blaring bass,
Buster is quickly on the spot with BoomBuster to mute the madness!

BoomBuster V3.0 – MP3 tracks

  • Three-track downloadable .zip file
  • Upload to iTunes or smartphone
  • Works best with headphones or bluetooth speaker

BoomBuster V3.0 – Audio CD

  • Three-track hardcopy CD
  • Shipped straight to your door
  • Play in any CD player or stereo